Episode 8

One step forward...

Well it hasn't been a great time since our last episode...

Wednesday have been dumped out of the FA Cup ina replay at Plymouth after a fairly awful game at Hillsborough...

We got a masterclass in Steve Evans being Steve Evans...

And sandwiched in there was a bizarre 4-0 win in the pizza cup in a game where Wednesday were arguably second best for most of it.

Dom and James try to make some sense of the last four games, the ongoing injury crisis.

Also we reflect on Liam Palmer's new contract and the scandalous saga of Portsmouth away. Be warned: rant incoming.

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James is a Podcast Strategist and specialises in helping brands and individuals to get a podcast off the ground. His hobbies include football, fancy beer and collecting gadgets and microphones.
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Dom covers Sheffield Wednesday for Yorkshire Live, having been at the Sheffield Star for several years before then writing about The Owls. He's in the press box for every game home and away, whether he wants to or not.