Summertime (Singing The) Blues

We're less than six weeks away from the start of the season, so Dom and James get together for a quick look at what's happening.

  • How soft is the soft embargo?
  • Are Westwood et al definitely staying?
  • Has Chansiri REALLY sold the stadium like Derby?
  • Where's the best place for Adam Reach to go in Hamburg?
  • Have Wednesday already made some signings?
  • Is Big Hec coming back or what?!

The answers to these questions and more (not the Hamburg one - Adam, DM James if you want to know)

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James is a Podcast Strategist and specialises in helping brands and individuals to get a podcast off the ground. His hobbies include football, fancy beer and collecting gadgets and microphones.
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Dom covers Sheffield Wednesday for Yorkshire Live, having been at the Sheffield Star for several years before then writing about The Owls. He's in the press box for every game home and away, whether he wants to or not.